Eye Allergies

Eye Allergies

Eye allergies are a common condition. They occur when the eyes react to something that irritates them (allergen). The eyes produce a substance called histamine to fight allergens. As a result, the eyelids and conjunctiva become reddish and swollen, causing itching, tearing, and burning. Unlike bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis is not transmitted from person to person.

Allergens in the air, both indoors and outdoors, cause many eye allergies.
These include:

• grass and tree pollen
• powder
• pet dander
• mold
• smoke

Allergic reactions to perfumes, cosmetics, or drugs can also cause the eyes to have an allergic reaction. People with an eye allergy also often have a nasal allergy, with itching, congestion and sneezing. The ophthalmologist is the appropriate professional to indicate the treatment to control and improve the symptoms of eye allergy.

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