All About Dry Eye

All About Dry Eye

The eyes need tears to stay healthy and uncomfortable. When we do not produce tears in sufficient quantity or quality, the condition called dry eye syndrome occurs. It also occurs when tears do not have the appropriate combination of chemical elements or when the layers that make up the tear film show alterations.

As we age we tend to produce fewer tears and of lower chemical quality.

These are some of the symptoms of dry eye:

· Itchy and burning eyes

· Feeling of something scratching or grit inside the eye

· Blurred vision, especially when reading

· Constant tearing, among others.

There are multiple diagnostic tools for dry eye syndrome, from the evaluation of the ophthalmologist in consultation to using various diagnostic equipment that will help determine the exact cause of your dry eye.

Among the treatment options are: changes in the environment, use of medications (eye drops and pills), ultra-regulated intense pulsed light therapy (ThermaEye) and, in severe cases, surgery.

If you have characteristic dry eye discomfort, visit your ophthalmologist. Make your appointment

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