Infrared thermometers and vision

Infrared thermometers and vision

Entre las medidas de seguridad contra COVID-19 está la toma de temperatura con un rayo infrarrojo, ¿este rayo afecta la visión?

The FDA - the federal agency that regulates drugs in the United States - indicates that the use of this type of thermometer reduces the risk of cross-contamination and minimizes the spread of disease. They are easy to use, clean and disinfect.

These thermometers are used to measure body temperature with an infrared sensor and not with a laser emitter. Infrared radiation can cause damage to many tissues, but this is not the case with thermometers, since they do not emit energy. Non-contact or “pistol” models do not cause retinal burns.

It is recommended:
⁃ Do not point at the eyes.
⁃ Use these equipments only on the forehead.
⁃ Do not use it at a distance less than 10 cm.

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