Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus Surgery

31 January 2020

Strabismus is a visual problem that causes misalignment in the eyes. It is a common condition in children.

Strabismus types include:

• Infantile esotropia is when an eye is inward, it is a common type of strabismus. In general, very young children with esotropia require surgery to realign the eyes.

• Exotropia, is the most frequent, is when an eye is outward.

There may be other types of strabismus that are less frequent.

Strabismus treatment focuses on correcting eye alignment and restoring binocular vision (two-eye vision). In some cases, prescription glasses can help correct eye alignment. Other treatments may require surgery to correct the imbalance of the eye muscles. Wearing a patch, or blurring the strong eye are techniques often used to improve amblyopia.

Strabismus surgery is a common procedure and most patients produce a great improvement in eye alignment after surgery. In some cases, you may need additional surgery or prism glasses to optimally align your eyes. Each case of strabismus is unique and should be discussed with your ophthalmologist to understand the goals and expectations of the surgery.

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