Bags Under the Eyes

Bags Under the Eyes

20 June 2022

Many times, in consultation, bags under the eyes are a cause of concern and insecurity for patients. They appear over time and are due to the accumulation of fat in the lower eyelids.

There are many causes and they can be combined. The genetic factor comes into play, since it is common to see in consultation that the patient's relatives also suffer from the condition. Also, age and lifestyle have an influence, and stress can accelerate its appearance.

While the presence of this fat is absolutely normal and necessary, when there is too much of it, the eye may look tired, even if it is not. The patient may benefit from surgical treatment to improve the periocular aesthetic appearance.

When we talk about symptoms, it should be noted that these are only aesthetic, as they do not imply real health problems. This cosmetic concern on the part of the patient can be easily corrected by the oculoplastic surgeon.

Bags under the eyes correspond to excess fat located in one of the three fatty compartments of the lower eyelid. Depending on which one is more vulnerable and affected, they will have a different appearance. This is a very important point to determine before surgery, in order to obtain the best possible result.

The surgical procedure is called blepharoplasty. This outpatient surgery offers excellent results, with minimal discomfort for the patient. The post-surgical effect is noticeable within a few weeks, and the appearance is noticeably improved.

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